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My New Bakery

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My New Bakery

Hello everyone,

I've been a long time lurker. Unfortunately, working in the industry keeps me away from the computer and I don't get to contribute much.

I have been a pastry chef/baker for about 10 years. I finally mustered the courage (desperation) to open my own space. As luck would have it, I was scheduled to open in March of 2020. We delayed a bit but managed to do the unthinkable on April 1st (no lack of irony). We opened and have been doing great ever since.

Check us out! Blackhole Bakery - Kansas City, MO


We base almost all of our selection off of croissant, puff pastry and a brioche dough that I developed specifically for donuts. Currently being used for loaves, cinnamon rolls, pecan rolls and danishes. We also have a vibrant bagel program. A skill I picked up while with Dean and Deluca. A very NY company.


We are looking to grow our selection with some Jewish specialty breads, focaccia and various snacks and bites. We don't have a deck oven so bread selection will be limited.



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If I were still in the KC area, I would head your way.  It's a bit of a hike from Michigan, though.  Best of luck with your bakery.  Do keep us posted as time allows.  


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retired baker

if you can make it now you'll be golden when life gets back to normal.

No sandwiches?

May I suggest , get an EDHARDT donut filling injection machine to fill the croiss, save cutting them open.