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Chandley Compacta Pico Oven

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Chandley Compacta Pico Oven

Does anybody have any experience with the Tom Chandley Compacta Pico oven (linked here: I've been looking for an alternative to the ROFCO and have found this. Because of a number of reasons (mainly living in a small rented flat which I can't have any hardwiring done in) I cannot use a ROFCO. 

But I can't find anyone's impressions of the Compacta Pico. It seems perfect for what I'm looking for, namely an oven capable of producing a few loaves a day for a micro-bakery. In my current domestic oven, I can only make one loaf an hour using the Challenger bread pan. 

Any help is greatly appreciated! 


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Looks interesting,  They have a facebook page which has a few more photos, and some questions and answers -  including that they will ship to the US  ( I know for you that is not an issue, but for those in the US, that is interesting )  It is hard to see, but it looks like the front door is a single pane of glass ( at least it looks like that in one of the videos )  I understand the two controls on the right -  I assume one is the element under the stone and the other is the top element.  There is a dial on the left - not sure if it is water injection, steam injection, or just a vent.  If you get one, please post your results.  On facebook they said the price was 750  UK,  plus export packing and shipping if sent to the US.   Since that is about $1,000,  unless the export packing and shipping is a lot, that would make it competitive with the rofco.  

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I use Chandley Ovens in our bakery [deck ovens, Compacta].   Best advice is just to ring their Customer Service line; they'll be happy to help.


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I'm also dithering about upping my oven game to achieve in two hours what otherwise takes six. The thing that appeals to me about the Rofco is that it is more vertical, and hence takes up less room. Also, I seem to remember that the smaller ones use normal 240v two-phase, no re0-wiring needed.