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My starter problem

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My starter problem

Hello everybody

This is my first post here at TFL, I found very interesting your thread about "pineapple solution" on new sourdough starters but my problem is a bit different..

Recently my sourdough seems too much proteolityc (it degrades the dough very rapidly..and when I fold it it simply rip off!), when young it smells like rotten vegetable, in some cases like rotten eggs, but at the end of the maturation (approximately 8 hours ar RT with 1:2:2) it smells like ripen fruit..


I used young (with the rotten smell) and old (with the ripen fruit smell) but nothing I decided to start another sourdough.

What I want to ask you is that: is there a way to "cure" an old sourdough and get rid of bad bacteria? Is the smell of rotten eggs (sulfurous) typical of "Leuconostoc" or can be other bacteria instead?


I really can't imagine what could be the problem with my sourdough..


I don't want it smell like rotten "something"..even if it's at his younger stage!! Is there a cure for that?



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the first ashley

How old is your starter? I'm not familiar with the pineapple method, but I do remember when making mine, at the beginning my starter had bubbles but had a terrible smell. I was told that it was the bad bacteria and that I should keep feeding/discarding. Took about 3 weeks to really get something consistent, and it never smells bad now (unless I starve it too long, it'll smell a little alcohol like).


How is your new starter flopping?

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after refreshing do you use it or when was your sourdough culture established? 

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1 part starter (very little), to 50 flour and water. Sir vigorously twice a day till it returns to normal - at least a few days. Enjoy!