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bread burn out

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bread burn out

Just a quick survey...

I see the same folks here over the course of years and I'm always impressed by the dedication to bread. I too love bread. But I get bread burn out after a few months. Then I go cold for awhile and find my way back.

Do you ever just want to take a break from the starters, the science, the carbs! Just curious about my fellow bread lovers. 

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Break from starters and sourdough - oh yeah. Sourdough has its place, but it's not everywhere. Some things just don't come out/taste the same when made from a sourdough starter. It's another tool basically.

Science and carbs - never. Both are my friends. Enjoy!

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I think every baker has their moments. I often think about sourdough breadmaking as a lot of trouble as I sit here at 4:59 AM in the morning. The bake will begin around 7:00 AM so I've got some time to kill prior to bringing it out of the fridge. I'm playing hooky from writing "The Theory of Small Cue Activation", a Paper on Hyperdimensional Computing which has been at a near standstill for the last 6 months because I hadn't a clue where or when in the world a really great thought would come along and pull me out the gooey gray funk that I'd dug for myself. Then I couldn't sleep and suddenly I needed a pen and notebook to write the bits and pieces of the theory that finally arrived in all its glory. 

I'm now really rather happy to be up before Sunrise and even happy that I've got to start cleaning the oven prior to prepping the loaves for the bake.

I think making naturally leavened bread is therapy for a great many of us. With many a family becoming spoiled by the taste of real bread. I'm married to one of the world's best makers of jam's and jellies and the combination is the perfect Tartine with French Press au Lait in the morning, the perfect Garlic Bread with Onion Soup, that exquisite seasoned Crouton with a perfect Caesar Salad, or that perfect Hamburger Bun to name but a few. We would be adrift in an American world that hardly noticed Cuisine as an important item in their Life Spans. Pity that...,

Now you were saying something about burn-out?..., 

The cure for that is to cheer up and bake some bread!

Que sais-je?...,



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Which is not to say that it couldn't at some point. 

So far, though, I'd rather make more bread than our normal consumption rate would use up.  I do know that I wouldn't want to push it to the extent that it becomes a job.  Baking is an avocation for me, not my vocation.  As long as I can have fun doing it, I'll keep at it.


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I read, or skim-read a lot of old posts.  It seems most people last a few years here, and drop out.   (I've been here 13 months.)

Yes, a few folks here now have been around more than 4 or 5 years. Dmsnyder and Mini Oven, deblacksmith, dabrownman, and some others are famous.  But it seems the majority, though of course not all, posters/commenters from 6 years ago are no longer participating actively. (Though they could be lurking.)

And, some people lurk for years before posting/commenting.

Many newbies just post their question, get their answers, and are rarely or never heard from again.

As one of the "compulsive helpers" here, I do appreciate it when a newbie comes back and reports whether the advice worked or not.  The "after action reports", positive and negative, help improve the skills of both the helpers and the myriad other observers and lurkers.


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I think forums are like many things in life, bread making for some is new and shiny but after a while it might lose its shine for some and then they no longer come here.  I’ve been around for maybe 18 months posting here and really enjoy the community.  The bakers here have been extremely generous and helpful and it is nice to be able to contribute a bit back.

idaveindy is definitely one of the most helpful people here always ready to pitch in and help with his immense knowledge, he should be thanked along with the many others who help so many, minioven, Abe now that he is back, Danayo, Phaz, the list goes on.


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but the interest goes up and down like most things in life.  Right now I am baking twice a week 6 months ago I probably baked once or twice a month.