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Hello from up high

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Hello from up high

This forum has been a real find for me. I'm learning a lot - thank you.

I have been baking bread off-and-on for years now but I've started baking sourdoughs since the pandemic started.

The "Up high"? I live in Denver Colorado at an elevation of 5300 ft.

Here's today's bake using the recipe from

I have adjusted the recipe for a total of 400g of flour (80% KA BF & 20% KA White WW) since I like loaves of that size. I also let the dough rise for 90 minutes after the 2nd stretch & fold, reduce the time between the pre-shape & shape to 25 minutes (I find the dough relaxes too much if I leave it longer), and let the shaped loaf proof at room temp for 20 minutes before putting it in the fridge. The room yesterday was about 71-73F. I bake on a pizza steel & cover the loaf with a dutch oven for 15 minutes. I feed my starter (1:1:1) with a mix of KA AP 45%; KA White WW (45%) & Whole rye (10%).

I can see that I probably left a big air pocket during shaping. Next time, I'll raise the temp after removing the dutch oven to 400F (from 375F today). I think that will yield a darker loaf that I like.

The taste is nicely tangy today. Crust is thinner than usual, but crisp.

Any advice is much appreciated.

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This is a good site to explore.