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Help with laminated doughs.

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Help with laminated doughs.

Hello! I've been baking for a while and one thing i have never truly managed to conquer have been laminated doughs such as Danishes or Croissant doughs or even puff pastry. Where i live its hotter than 30C (86F) for more than 8 months a year and my kitchen doesn't have an AC, how can i make a sturdy butter block and prevent it from leaking into my dough? Am i just restrained to wait for the winter months? Im still in the search for something that i could store in the freezer to keep cool but until then i would love to have your opinions and advice on what i should do. Thank you ahead of time :)

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Unless you have the possibility to cool your work surface, the major advice I can give is to work fast. 

I assume you have a fridge, even if it's super warm outside the butter won't melt right away. And doing a turn should take only a couple of minutes, even if you are careful and slow.

Maybe also cool or freeze your rolling pin, so you slow down melting as much as possible.