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Cooking on Stone

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Cooking on Stone



I am getting into a commercial shared kitchen space so that i can make more bread. 

Up to this point I have only used dutch ovens. I feel I could probably bake more breads using a cooking stone. 

I was looking into a 20 x 20. How many loaves do you think I could fit? 


Also what temperatures and cook time do I need?


Can I get the same results in a convection oven on the cooking stone when I cannot turn convection mode off?

Suggestions appreciated! =)

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20”x20” stone can fit 4 x 1kg loaves. Might be a somewhat tight fit.  The challenge is to control the heat and steam without the Dutch oven. 

unless your convection oven has very good steam holding ability it will be difficult to get good spring on the loaves as the crust will likely set too soon. 
also assumes you have the ability to generate lots of steam. 

how much more bread are you looking to bake?


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I would assume you are going to be using a commercial oven, and not a deck oven.  You should have space for at least two 20 x  20 stones, maybe 3.  Make sure you preheat the oven for a longer time than most would use at home - 20 to 30 minutes or more.  Start with 25 F lower temperature and assume about 75 % of time.  Set the fan speed to low, never use the high fan speed - it is for cooling the oven.  Close the oven vent, this will help keep moisture in the oven.  Mist the loafs before the go in the oven.

You will need to do some test bakes and adjust form there.  My experience is limited to doing a lot of cooking in a commercial oven at church.  Your mileage may vary.

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Thank you.


it won’t let me adjust the fan at all! Terrible.


would I have a better result using a Dutch oven in the convection?


would I just keep the lid on it?

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Yes. Dutch Oven would work fine in a convection.  20 minutes covered at 475-500F and then uncover for 20-25 minutes at 450 or until desired color. 

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work,it would severely limit your ability to do a lot of volume without putting yourself at risk to serious burns. So many

pots and the ground work and figure out how best to bake multiples on a will be worth it.