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French Toast Brioche. Ideas?

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French Toast Brioche. Ideas?

First post looking for ideas.


This week I want to offer a French Toast Brioche, not Brioche French Toast rather, a Brioche that incorporates the French Toast flavor.

My plan is to make my brioche dough with vanilla in it to give it the nice sweet flavor. I will then roll cinnamon sugar into the dough during the prep for proof stage. Roll four balls up and put into the loaf tin. I'm hoping for the affect of, cutting into the loaf and seeing the swirl of cinnamon sugar and when eaten, will resemble that of French Toast sans the syrup of course.

Has anyone else tried this before? It's much like a cinnamon roll bread.

If you have, how did you incorporate the flavors and if not, how WOULD you incorporate french toast IN the brioche?

Whatcha guys got?

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Tom M

I would love to have a taste of that.  When you've tried it, please be so kind as to post your formula and any successful or failed bakes so that we can learn from your experience.

Isn't a great deal of french toast's flavor the egg?  What you think about making this an egg bread-brioche hybrid, or at least enriching the dough with some yolks?

Mmm, how about including some maple syrup in the dough or maple sugar in the swirl?

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That's how you'd do it - stretch/flatten it out - sprinkle the sugar and cinnamon - roll and bake. Kinda a standard cinnamon raisin bread. I don't get the 4 balls though, unless you're talking 4 loaves, 1 ball for each - although if using a bread pan I would go the roll into a log route.

Or, make French toast, chop into smallish pieces and add straight to the dough. Never did it but it should work. Enjoy!