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Reusing dusting flour from bannetons

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Ilya Flyamer

Reusing dusting flour from bannetons

Hi! Has anyone tried reusing rice flour from the bannetons after getting the bread out? I am quite generous with rice flour to be sure I don't get a loaf sticking, but then rice flour is not available in just any supermarket and I don't want to use it up too quickly. Is there any reason not to just reuse it? I guess it can absorb some water from the bread during proof, but if I just leave it to dry in the banneton for a while, before taking it out, would it dry sufficiently?


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I think reusing it shouldn't pose a problem. Maybe don't reuse it like 50 times (because bacteria are inevitable), but certainly multiple times. Replace when it starts clumping.

I usually leave the flour layer and just refill some spots sometimes.

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Ilya Flyamer

Thank you! I was thinking the same, was just wondering if I was missing something.


I don't aggressively remove all flour from the bannetons so always have some leftover in the crevices, but there is quite a bit extra that I just brush off or shake off, and felt like I didn't have to through that away.

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pretty much the same. Stored in a ziplock between bakes.

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I am like Banji and just add a little each time, since most of it stays stuck to the banneton.  BTW,  make sure you dry the banneton thoroughly before putting it in a ziplock - I often rest it on top of the oven for a few hours.  If you don't ,  you can get mold developing in it,  DAMHIKT.