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Crumb of the Day

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Crumb of the Day

25% stoneground wholemeal. other wheats including durum, Italian 00, English and Canadian. Leavened with a recently revived LM that is and continues to exhibit reductive qualities. 80% hydration. Triple volume proof, a bit over but still enough oomph to spring a little.

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Anon2 (not verified)

Very nice bake Michael. A crumb I strive for. Also a nice mix of flours. I'm a recent convert to lower hydration starters and stiff levain builds. A similar approach to old dough style preferments. I think the flavours they bring are wonderful. 

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of flours and sometimes you work with what you have in the cupboard and that makes an amzing loaf! That looks like a lovely fermented crumb and I wish we could taste the loaves on here.... Kat

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Lovely crumb Michael.

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Abe, Kat and Benny, thanks for your complimentary comments.