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Sourdough dense not rising and gummy texture

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Sourdough dense not rising and gummy texture

Hi everyone!

I’ve just started making sourdough and every time the bread comes out dense and heavy and when I cut into it, it still feels like it’s a little wet/undercooked inside and there aren’t any air bubbles. The first time I cut into the bread a few minutes after I took it out of the oven and then realised I need to let it cool down but even after waiting 3 hours with my other loaves I still get the same result. It’s currently cold in Australia so I’m wondering if I need to extend the bulk fermentation time or if I need to cook it for longer? I’m using the farting bread recipe and even left the bread in the oven an extra 10 minutes this time. I’m just worried I overcook it. The starter seems to be fine to me, it rises and has a lot of bubbles. Any help is appreciated!


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Recipe, mixing times, BF time, retardation time, shaping technique, baking time, temperature and method. Also provide info about your starter/levain.


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Wet means too much water.   Water needs to be eliminated. 


Water can be eliminated by eliminating it from the original recipe.  What is your recipe?  See other poster's question. 

Water can be eliminated by cooking longer and/or at a higher temperature.  What temperature, and for how long did ou cook the bread?  The bread looks under cooked to me, based on the color and the dense wet crumb.  


Wait until the bread is 100% cooled to room temperature before cutting it.  Otherwise a dense, gummy texture can result. 

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From the crumb shown in your photo your bread was quite under fermented.  As Texas_loafer has requested what are the details of your formula and starter activity.  Don’t forget to tell us what your bulk fermentation temperatures are.

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Based on pics only, this loaf us definitely not sufficiently leavened so.... either the starter is not active enough or you are not proofing for long enough, or both.  Difficult to give you more advice without more info about what/how you are doing.  The bright side: it gets better, and this is an amazing community of folks who will give you wicked-good pointers. Cheers! 

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Hi Shannoun, im baking in Australia too, Perth to be exact . Like others have suggested you will need to give us some more details if we are any chance of helping. i have not been able to find a particular "Bread farting recipe". I've rotated your picture to give a better view.

Look forward to hearing from you again soon kind regards Derek