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I figured it was time for me to try making croissants... which seemed overwhelming a couple of years ago. 

I found this recipe and figured I would give it a try... nothing to lose right?


I read somewhere that Chocolate Croissants ought to be shaped using a rectangle shaped piece of dough instead of the normal crescent shape. It said that that shape would hold the chocolate better and keep it from leaking out. Plus that just seemed easier for my first try at it. 

I did the 3 day process and I was pleased with how they came out for my first go at it. 

My 8 and 10 year old grandkids loved them too.👍

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by chocolate croissants I think you mean pain au chocolate - ie regular croissant dough encasing a stick or two of chocolate bars.  There's also a 'chocolate croissant that contains cocoa in the dough and these are often shaped like yours.  these look great - they are fun to make but wr dont see a whole lot of posts here on thr art of croissants so its great to see another fan of laminating and more importantly the eating of these incredible pastries.  keep posting !