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Ken Forkish Overnight White Issue

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Ken Forkish Overnight White Issue

From Flour Water Salt Yeast.

I made the dough early this morning and planned to bake it tonight. It hasn’t risen much, but is bubbly. 

I used room temperature water or maybe a bit colder. They recipe calls for 90+ degree water.

I am going to let it roll through the night and put it on the porch tomorrow to see if it rises. It’s supposed to be in the 90s. 

The yeast is fine, have been using it routinely. 

Should I spike it with a little more yeast if it doesn’t get going?

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Timothy Wilson

I think you can try to wait for a bit. If it doesn't help I think adding yeast is not the worst idea. Are you sure in water temperature, the problem can be in that also.