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Mom never wasted anything

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Mom never wasted anything

Growing up with 6 siblings, we always had clean clothes, full stomachs and really never wanted for anything that was important. The main reason for this was mom. She clipped coupons, walked her shopping cart to every supermarket in a the area for the best sales. On top of that she knew how to save! back then interest was a thing, and you could safely double your money in a short few years! Unlike now days. 

 Now to the point, if mom had some bread that was getting hard, she would bake it and they would be delicious! Well while the huge loaf of durum bread was not yet stale, the crust was getting very chewy. The crumb however was still soft as a pillow! I submit for your approval "Bushmat" The Maltese spelling I an sure is wrong. Baked old bread. 

 Edited to add:

 The house smells so sweet, like as if I was baking a cake! Interesting indeed!

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Mini Oven

Tea and coffee dunkers!   Yummmmm!

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was a hand-me-down from my older brother.  I'm surely glad it wasn't an older sister.

A few places where we didn't watch our spending carefully.  My mother insisted on good quality meats and foods on the table, we had new shoes for the school year and Sunday evenings were reserved for dining out as a family.

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When I baked with durum, I thought it went well with savory toppings... esp. Italian and Indian.

 Bruschetta style, EVOO + oregano, EVOO + Italian blend, pesto sauce, Indian chutney.

Za'atar would also go well.

Will, if you want quick-and-easy and delish, try durum focaccia, pita, and chapatti.

20% durum in thin style pizza crust would likely work well too.