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Montreal bagel bliss

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Montreal bagel bliss

Hello from rural Quebec,
Here are a few pics from today's Montreal bagel bake. The bagel formula is courtesy of apprentice, who kindly posted it here on the Fresh Loaf.

It is the formula used by St. Viateur's Bagel in Montreal, and the results are excellent. I am not completely happy yet with the consistency, but I'm sure that will come with more experience. The taste is fantastic, and I still can't believe when I bite into one that I made them in my own brick oven.

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Reminds me of the Turkish simit that is ubiquitous in the streets of Istanbul. The simit is a double cord twisted bagel that is boiled or dipped in a malt syrup solution and coated with sesame then baked.


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Hello ciabatta,

I had to google simit, but yes they do look similar. I might try making some one of these days!


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Wow do they ever look good. We have a couple of places here in Toronto that do Montreal bagels that are very good, not quite Montreal but really good none the less.


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they look just like st viateur bagels.  i like to eat these with schwatz's smoked meat and if possible faiemount bagels.  great job !