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Starter and hydration

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Starter and hydration

Hi all. This is my first post on this forum but I've been baking bread for awhile - especially given that I'm working from home a lot more. I have a starter that is very robust and I keep it at 100% hydration. My question is how do I incorporate the water in the starter as part of the hydration ratio? I generally aim for 70% hydration by weight and I use 12% starter. I use the over night fermentation method but I continue to end up with an unruly dough that wants to resist shaping for proofing. 


Any thoughts?




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Let's say your final dough mix has 1000g flour.

1000g flour in dough

120g starter (your 12% - 60g water/60g flour)

Total Flour = 1060

70% hydration = 742g water

Water to add to dough mix = 742 - 60 (water in starter) = 682g

That's how I do it, anyway. :)  .....and don't forget the salt! :)


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Thanks Rich. Hopefully my dough won't be so rebellious.