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Can you fix an under-fermented dough during the proof?

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Can you fix an under-fermented dough during the proof?

Baking off a batch of 9 loaves today. I was nervous that my ferment was under on the loaves, but had hoped it was just my imagination. Sure enough, I baked off a test loaf and it is way under-fermented. Flat, chewy, and lacking flavor (if it was over-proofed or over-fermened, I would have sour notes... this bread just has no flavor). So here's my question-- can I fix my additional loaves with just a long warm proof? Or do I need to let them re-ferment, then re-shape & proof?


For the record-- my dough is a low-innoculation (10%... 40 grams of young levain for 400 g of flour). They warm-bulked with the doughs at around 76 degrees for 4 hours, before retarding to the fridge for an overnight bulk.

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Since the same things happen during both, just proof till it's ready (you'll have to watch it). Reshaping may be a good idea, just to move the food around a little and even the crumb up a tad (shouldn't notice much difference anyway).