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Lurker to joiner

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Lurker to joiner

.... after lurking for a bit I have signed up....   I have been baking and making things from scratch since birth...  it was ingrained in me...  though my love for sourdough is only a few years old...  I am looking to getting into milling my own grain so I thought thing would be a nice place to look around.....

introvert warning... much more of a lurker then a conversation starter... though I will give it my best efforts..


Thanks for having me...

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Please don’t hesitate to join in and post. If you have any questions we are here to help in anyway we can. Welcome to our group of enthusiastic and fanatical bakers...


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The Roadside Pi...

There is no pressure here, so just ease yourself in slow and easy. You will find, first and foremost, we have some very knowledgeable members. If you hit a rough patch and need advice, our very generous, members are always happy to help. The second thing you will notice is, we are a very nonjudgmental bunch. That makes it easy to post your fails, as well as victories. A wise man once told me, we learn at least as much from the fails, as we do from the victories. Happy baking! Question, do you have or have access to a wild yeast starter (sourdough) that has been around for many generations? I think that is way cool! (Photo is strictly for attention.)

Kind regards,

Will F.

A.K.A. The Roadside Pie King

A.K.A. The Brooklyn Maltese