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Retard levain in the fridge?

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Retard levain in the fridge?

If my levain is starting to fall, but I'm not ready to mix it in, can I put the levain in the refrigerator to retard the development for a couple hours? Sometimes I forget to start the autolyse when I should, so this could come in handy, rather than waiting too long, when the levain isn't as active. 

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After watching a video from the Proof bakkery I got this idear. 
Sometimes I don’t know when I can start the next day so putting the levain in the fridge just a little for is peak is a perfect solution. 

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Mini Oven


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What is the longest time you left it in the fridge. 

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The Roadside Pi...

Good morning, Jimmy.

 I have adopted a new strategy of building multiple 125% hydration two stage levains, for practicing my bageuette game. on the 22nd I whipped up a batch of three. One was used immediately on repining.  I used the last one bake 3 of 3 yesterday after warming the levian to room temp. That is a full four day retardation!