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Another question about Oven rise

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Another question about Oven rise

I"m new to baking sourdough, and have had mixed results with oven rise, and could use some assistance. 

I have a strong starter that rises and falls regularly. I feed it a few times before baking, then it goes into the fridge, but unless I bake right after the bulk fermentation, I only get about 75% of the rise I'm looking for.  I generally try to limit bulk fermentation to 30%-50% rise before putting in the fridge, for anywhere between 10-12 hours. Loaves baked in a combo dutch oven.

The loaves don't seem to be over-proofed going into the oven, but I do see some fall when transferring from the bowl/basket to the dutch over. See the details below.  They taste good, so that's a plus.

Tartine Country Walnut Wheat

  1. 250g (25%) of your new leaven
  2. 900g (90%) white bread flour
  3. 100g (10%) whole wheat bread flour
  4. 20g (2%) salt
  5. 7650g H2O @ 80ºF 
  6. 2 cups walnuts

8am prep levain

2pm autolyse (flour/water/levan)

2:30pm (mix salt and last bit of water)

3-7pm  Bulk

7pm preshape/shape 8:15

8:15 into fridge

7:30am bake

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Welcome to TFL.

That loaf looks great.  But if you want tips to make it even better, here are my thoughts.

Your loaf looks just a tad too wet and just a tad over-fermented.

compared to the formula on page  48 of the Tartine book, you have an extra 50 grams of leaven, and 65 (or 50, depending on the typo) extra grams of water.  

Going back to page 48, ... 700 g of water, and 200 g of leaven may get you to where you want to be.

If the book's leaven and water was too little for your situation, then try splitting the difference.

Hope this helps.

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thanks for taking the time to respond, and nice catch I did added a bit of water for softness.  I haven't been logging dough temps, so I think the additional levan, and extended bulk might be the culprit and will experiment. 

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6 hours of unretarded fermentation going on. Add that to your cool down time in the fridge and I would suspect over fermented. Depends on your temperature. Looks very edible though!

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It is tasty, so I"d like to work this recipe to make it just a bit better. I think I'll adjust the fermentation time, and maybe separate the autolyse from fermentation.  Thanks for the help.