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Baguettes in the toaster oven (demi)

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Baguettes in the toaster oven (demi)

This is a bit of an experiment. It’s kind of warm up here right now and I don’t really want to turn on the oven. I’ve successfully made boules in the toaster oven using my lodge Dutch oven but baguettes pose a different kind of a problem. This seems to have worked quite well, I will experiment with it a bit more


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Looks good! My countertop oven won't fit a roasting pan like that (at least one that I have on), but I've had success making a foil dome on the pan. See the last pictures here:

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Super innovative, Glenn! And the baguettes are very nice...

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Timothy Wilson

That's a cool idea, you are a real inventor. Your baguettes look really cool and appetizing. I think it's a good idea to bake some bread or baguette while my main oven is busy.