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Bagel Recipe

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Bagel Recipe

Trying to "fine tune" my preferred bagel recipe (Hamelman's "pâte fermentée" approach).

Use of KA Bread Flour does a good job, but I've heard that boosting flour protein even higher might be beneficial.  Is this correct? 

My eight-bagel recipe calls for about 580g of BF.  Would like to replace a small amount of the Bread Flour with (Hogdson Mill) Vital Wheat Gluten.  Does a 3% replacement (97% BF + 3% VWF) seem about right?   Do I need to modify the 330g of water used?

Any of this make sense?

Thanks for your advice.

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I can't address the water issue (but I hope someone will).  However, here is a calculator for determining amount of VWG to add, depending on the final gluten percentage desired:

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Thanks for the calculator.  Very helpful. 

Looks like the 3% replacement stated in my original posting yields to ~15% protein for my mixed flour.  Might be a bit high.  Think I'll start out with something more modest and emulate the 14% value in KA "Sir Lancelot" (High Gluten) Flour which many pros use for bagels.

I'll let you know the results

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You can try out this recipe and tell me what you think:

It's set at 14.7% protein with the amount of VWG added to 11.5% flour.