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Calculating hydration

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Calculating hydration

Howdy.  I am new to baking bread and want to make sure I am calculating my hydration correctly.

  • 300g  Bread Flour
  • 150g  Whole Wheat F
  • 296g  Water
  • 15g   Salt
  • 154g  Starter (100% hydation)
  • 915g  Total Weight

My Math:  Starter divided by Two and add number to Water & Flour

Water (296+77) / Flour (300+150+77) = 72% Total Hydration

If this is wrong could someone help me understand my error? 

Thank you!

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So you analyzed it correctly, but must have made a math error.  I come up with 70.7%

Water is 296 plus 77 which equals 373.

Flour is 300 plus 150 plus 77 which is 527.

373/527 = 70.7%

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Great Thanks; your response was helpful.  I am happy I was in the ballpark.  :)


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Mini Oven

and to see that in %, multiply by 100.  One gets 70.8% when rounding up.  I know that's a stickler thing but when hydration goes beyond 100% it is sometimes good to know how one moved the decimal point over two places.