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Hot Cross Buns

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Hot Cross Buns

Hi I have a craving for Hot Cross Buns.  I see them in the store now. Anyone have a good recipe or link they can share?

Thanks Bakerincanada

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Mini Oven

Hot cross buns  HERE

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Now they look tasty.  Thanks.


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bun dough

sugar 12 oz

salt 1 oz

shortening 12 oz

skim milk powder 3 oz

eggs 8 oz

water 1 lb 8oz

vanilla 1 oz

nutmeg 1/4 oz

cake flour 1 lb

bread flour 3 lb

water 8 oz

yeast 3-4 oz cake type

disolve yeast in 8 oz of water and set aside

place the rest in your mixer the flour last

add the yeast water on top of the flour

and mix well to a smoth dough

add dried or glaced fruit (fruit cake fruit) and rasins up to 1 pound more or less depending on how much you like during last minute of mixing.
DO NOT MIX LONG AFTER ADDING to the dough because you will discolor the dough and cause streaks or color in the buns

alow to rise once cut into 2 to 3 ounce pieces and round them in to shape

proof almost full and egg wash and bake at 350

as soon as removed from the oven wash with a syurp made by boiling 1 cup sugar with 6 oz water

alow to cool and ice them by making a powdered sugar icine again by mixing powder sugar with warm water untill it is a soft white icing place the icing into a paper pastry bag or a plastic bag with a the corner cut off making a SMALL hole in the bag and using the icing make an x on the top of the bun

do not make the icing to soft of ice the buns when theye are still hot because the icing will run and lose its shape.

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hot cross buns

Thank you for the recipe.  What is the purpose of the cake and pastry flour to help soften the crumb?  How many buns do you think this will make.  Actually when I look at this again it is a large recipe that I would probably scale down.  IF I wanted to make one dozen  how would you scale it down.  If you don't mind one more question what is the conversion of yeast cake to instant dry yeast? Thanks Bakerincanada

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this is a shop size formula

when making a home size i make 1/4 of this which is about 1 pound of flour

change pounds to ounces by multpling x 16
then dived everything by 4 to ber a quarter on the mix (its easy)  1 pound x 16=16
16-4=4  so 1 pound cake flour becomes 16 oz  - 4 becomes 4oz for a quarter

i dont mean to insult your intelagence but for some people math is not their best subject.  mine sore point is spelling

the cake flour blended with bread flour will reduce the gluten contant of the flour making a nice soft crumb with a very soft and tender crust.

the standerd conversion from cake yeast to any form of dry is to use 1/2 the amount

so the full mix with 4 oz of cake yeast would be about 2 oz of dry and 1/4 of the mix would be 1/2 of dry or 1 oz of cake yeast

yeast is allways vairable  if it is cold where you are or if you want the dough to rise a little faster (good if you are hungry or just can't wait) add a little more.  the 1/2 oz of dry yeast for a quarter of the mix is just a starting point.