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Do you accept bread returns?

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Do you accept bread returns?

I am a home-business-baker, and I met with a local supermarket owner today to pitch my bread. He asked if I accept returns if the bread does not sell, he said this is standard practice. Does anyone know if this is true?

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I believe large bread manufacturers in my area (midwest USA) take back beyond-the-freshness-date bread and "eat" the cost. That is what he is asking you to do. "If the bread doesn't sell then take it back when it is stale and give me a fresh supply or give me my money back".

Don't believe everything he says as he is trying to get the best deal FOR HIM.

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Mister Bun

It’s standard practice in the U.K. supermarket business but only with the bigger brands. As a startup without brand recognition you should certainly not agree to these terms of trade. It is exciting to be supplying a supermarket but these guys will take advantage of you. I suggest giving him other incentives, try a rider deal, so he hits certain volumes and you give some money back once he achieves target. Get the calculation right and it is a win win.