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Trying to recreate Sperlonga from Whole foods at home

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Trying to recreate Sperlonga from Whole foods at home

Hi, I am a new bread baker and cooking enthusiast trying to learn more. In particular I am interested in trying to recreate the Sperlonga loaf from Whole Foods! As one blogger describes it:
" It's basically Ciabatta but heavier, longer, more doughy – all in a good way."
you can see pics here:

So after reading a previous thread, they had suggested a ciabatta type recipe with the following criteria:
"There is a distinct malty sweetness that comes from about 1.25% non-diastatic malt. Low percentage of poolish (10-15% of the flour). Overall hydration about 77-80%. "
You can find those details here:

So my challenge is to come up with a modified ciabatta recipe to produce a loaf similar to sperlonga.
Here's my attempt so far:

SperlongaBakers %
Malt Powder1.50%
Poolish Flour Weight10.00%
Poolish Hydration100%

And coming up with a recipe for two loaves looks something like this:

Total Flour grams1000
Total Water grams800
Poolish Flour100
Poolish Water100.
Poolish Yeast tsp0.5
dough flour900
dough water700
Malt Tsp5.0
Salt Tsp4.2
Dough Yeast Tsp1.1

I used the following assumptions to turn bakers % into tsp

Malt Grams/Tsp3
Kosher Salt G/Tsp6
Instant yeast gm/tsp3.2


I imagine the process being:
1-poolish, room temp 4 hours. overnight in fridge

2-dough, mix in kitchenaid, rise for 2-4 hours, proof 1-2 hours.

3-oven 20-30 min

I tried to standardize around 1kg total bread flour.
Im flexible on that and all other criteria.
Wasnt really sure about yeast % and how that would relate exactly to rising and proofing times
Would welcome feedback, suggestions and so forth before I try my first batch!


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