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My local Whole foods does this delightful Italian - esque loaf, a bit cabatta like I suppose, was wondering if anyone has heard of it, or wold have a recipe?

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I suspect "Sperlonga" is a trade name (it certainly romanticizes the bread) which is likely proprietory. 

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Hey my name is Corey I was the Bakery Team leader for Dedham MA, and now for Laguna Niguel, we are making the sperlonga bread now in california as well and it again is our most popular recipe, we also use it for our rustic baguette, if you are still interested in it let me now


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That would be great if you could share your recipe.


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Was also interested in the Sperlonga recipe.  Did Corey share this recipe.  Think it has some of conditioner in it as well as sourdough starter and maybe a bit of rye flour for flavor.

Thanks, Suzi


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I am excited that there may be a chance to obtain the recipie for Sperlonga.  The nearest Whole Foods (the only source of this bread as fas as I know) requires a 150 mile round trip.  Thank you.



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Sperlongaesque baking :-)  Anyone have a recipe?