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My local Whole foods does this delightful Italian - esque loaf, a bit cabatta like I suppose, was wondering if anyone has heard of it, or wold have a recipe?

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I suspect "Sperlonga" is a trade name (it certainly romanticizes the bread) which is likely proprietory. 

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Sperlonga may be a trade name, but its origin is a place in Italy called Sperlonga, which is a beach near my dad's hometown of Fondi. I've been there; it's a gorgeous beach near antiqueties like Emperor Tiberius cave & castle. I still have relatives in Fondi; in fact, a couple are on Facebook. So will ask them for the sperlonga bread recipe if one exists from there. Stay tuned & I'll ask my cousin Annarella or maybe Cinzia.

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Sperlongaesque baking :-)  Anyone have a recipe?

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Did anyone share the Sperlonga recipe? My local WhoLe Foods doesn't bake it in Tennessee.

Thank you

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Hi. I worked in the Whole Foods bread program for over a year and I can tell you that Sperlonga is just a very well made Ciabatta. Nothing special to speak of about it. Sorry to disappoint, but there's just no big secret to the bread. I have looked at this thread for years waiting for someone to post a comment with the recipe, but it's just nothing special.