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Captcha is ridiculous.

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Captcha is ridiculous.

Going through 8 captcha screens to login is absurd. This isn't Fort Knox. 

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Mini Oven


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Working with the software that is used to build this site. Drupal 7 is my day job. 

And I can tell you blocking spam is hard. 
There is a version of this spam detector that does not show on the frond but just works in the back detecting if your not a spam bot. Unfortunately that one sends a lot of data to google. 

With other words lesrn to live with it.

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I use 30 or 40 other forums and have never seen Captcha on any of them. Based on your post, the reason could be that they use the version of the spam detector that sends a lot of data to Google. Is there any way to find out which version each site uses, perhaps with Page Info or Developer Tools?

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Sometimes I can't tell the difference between a truck and a bus.  

And what if only a tiny corner of the stoplight housing shows in a square, does that count?

So, that's why I do what Mini does, and just use the login form on the side of a post page.

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just tried the website via a browser on a small-screen hand-held device.

1. there is no login form on the post pages. the tfl pages sense the small screen and reconfigure without that login form.

2. yes, it is hard to see those fire hydrants on a small screen.