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Day 6 Starter Progress - Any advice?

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Day 6 Starter Progress - Any advice?

Hi all,

I am working on my first ever sourdough starter and would like to provide my progress so far in case any one has any tips/advice.

Equipment: Weck jar, spatula, thermometer, scales, organic whole weat, plain flour

Day 1: Started with 100g of organic whole wheat + 125g water at 26c

Day 2: No feeding, risen by about 50% in volume, smell was a bit wheaty but also a bit 'sour/off'

Day 3: First time feed - 75g of starter  + 100g flour (50:50 whole wheat to plain) + 115g water at 26c, smells not very pleasanty, a bit sickly

Day 4: Quite frothy, same feeding routine as Day 3. Smells a bit like a baby has been sick on your shirt...

Day 5: Normal feed + extra night time feed 12 hours later. Rising but not doubling. smell is less sickly or maybe I am getting used to it? possibly a bit sweet...

Day 6: Same routine as day 5. One thing I noticed is that the starter rose about 50% about 2.5 hours after the morning feed but then started falling. Smell is a bit wheaty, still a bit sickly in the background..

Anyway, the goal for me initially is to get a starter than can 2-3x in volume in 12 hours so I can settle into a twice per day feeding schedule. The problem I am having right now is that the starter is not quite doubling at all and I am wondering if the warm weather we are currently experiencing is effecting that too. Right now the ambient temperature in the kitchen is 28c during the day dropping to about 22c at night

Any help/advice/tips appreciated!



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All normal so far. Continue present course of action - you are almost there.

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Sounds good. Different method to the one I'm using, but have a look at the video below to compare. Hope it's helpful.