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Finally Joined this big community

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Finally Joined this big community

Hi all of you dough lovers. I don't consider properly a bread maker, its the dough that still takes me where he (or she) wants.

I'm not very familiar with forums and read a lot despite writing, hope not to seem snob, i'm more shy than else.

But the necessity brought me to make this step forward, I'll take advantage of your knowledge with some questions and hope to give something back from the very very very little I know about the world.

best from Italy

Vincent Van Brot

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Welcome to the community!

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Just remember that this bunch has a fetish about getting ears on their loaves, so don’t go cutting yours off. 😁


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Martha in Greenpoint

very good!

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Mini Oven

welcome to TFL.  Im just a bit north of you in Austria.


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got the joke.


Most excellent!