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First croissants in more than a year

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First croissants in more than a year

Almost forgot how to make em.  A little sloppy but the house smell fantastic ! 


VRini's picture

and you got a "better" honeycomb crumb back then. But who am i to say? I've never made croissants but they're definitely on my radar.

What you have here looks wonderful. Welcome back.

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Geremy, did you use your new oven? If so you are off to a great start. They look mighty fine to me!

It’s so good to have you back...


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First order of business today - so great to be baking again.  So I tossed the idea of running 220 to my kitchen but having pretty much built my house I know the challenges.  One being going through at least one retaining wall from the fuse box.  It was just so much easier to have best buy deliver a new gas unit and install it.  As of now I'm considering a separate setup for bread.  Got a few ideas - what to do, what to do ? 

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Your croissants look delicious, another thing to add to my growing list of things I eventually want to bake.