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Gummy/damp texture to touch

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Gummy/damp texture to touch

Hi everyone, 

I've made Ken Forkish's Pain de Campagne several times now, but every single time it comes out slightly gummy/damp. It seems to happen with most of my breads.

I've checked the temperature of water/oven, I've folded it 3 times very carefully, I've done finger dent test, I let the finished bread cool for at least 2 hours (once even for 24hrs), reduced the water, proofed in basket, nothing seems to make a difference....taste and crust is lovely... It's just a bit damp....

I use plain white/wholemeal flour, not bread flour.

The only thing is that his recipes are made for two loafs, so I just divide all the ingredients by 2. Could this have something to do with it? 

Many thanks for your help!!!