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Taffy again?

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Taffy again?

Proteolysis question. I got overconfident with my pizza dough today. Started it around 10 this morning and didn't shape until almost 10 pm. I had it in a container and did a few stretch and folds during BF. It's hot today, but I have air conditioning on to keep it 76 degrees. I kept looking at it, waiting for it to double, and it wasn't until 7pm when I had to be out of the house that I started to think that the stretch and folds de-gas a bit and maybe make the bulk not look doubled. In any case, it was ok when I gently pressed on it as the recipe says, and fine in division if a little stickier to me than it had been, and when I started to try and make the balls it just got stickier and stickier and I forgot that adding water to my hands is a bad idea at this point and switched to oil, but my four balls are blobs without skin. 

My starter was next to it in the oven and didn't quite get to double by 10 pm either, so I think this starter is a bit sleepy with its new 50AP/50RYE? If I stretch and fold during BF, does that make doubling less? Am I just handling it too much? Is 12 hours ridiculous for a BF?

Hoping my sourdough loaf goes smoother with an overnight BF with me ignoring it.

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I think 12 hours is too long at room temperature! 

Starters can take time to adjust to knew flours, but I would think 50% rye would make your starter more active, not less. I think keeping it in the oven overdid it for your starter too, and probably activated proteolytic enzymes and made your microbes grow too fast. You might want to give it a couple feedings and let it get back to a reasonable doubling time at room temperature. Hope your loaf turns out!