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Hi there

Can anyone tell me if this loaf is under fermented?  I didnt get any bubbles on the surface of the dough during BF  but as i understand that's not a requirement so i went ahead and shaped it being a little worried that it may be under fermented, wondering if i should wait for the bubbles which may never come in which case i would end up over fermenting.  I'd rather under ferment than over ferment.  i also have trouble with the poke test to test final proofness too. 




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that's almost perfectly proofed.  Then again, I'm not a fan of wide open, lacy crumb; too many openings to let mustard land in my lap.  

Could you have let that go slightly farther?  Sure.  As it is, the crumb is quite even and well aerated with no signs of inadequate or excessive proofing.


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Loaflove, I wouldn’t call that underproofed at all.  Maybe you wanted more open, it could have gone longer, but that is a great crumb for me.  Good job.


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Thanks for the reassurance! I think my starter has finally grown up! 

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As others have said, this looks like a great loaf and I think was definitely well fermented.  I have had the best luck monitoring my bulk ferment in a plastic tub so that I can see it rise to where I want (usually ~75%).  Then after final shape I bake after it passes the poke test.  Those have been pretty good indicators for me.


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looks perfect to me, i much prefer a closer crumb and not the contents of my sandwich in my lap :)

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also looks spot on to me, id love mine to come out like that.  what recipe did you use?

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thank you.  It's 70% hydration  It's in Emilie Raffa's sourdough book.  It's her ''everyday sourdough ''recipe.  Her book is titled Artisan Sourdough Made simple.  I think that recipe is also in her blog