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About R Bertinet’s Twisted Cinnamon Buns

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About R Bertinet’s Twisted Cinnamon Buns


I just made this recipe from R. Bertinet's which I saw on Youtube and couldn't resist

I'm wondering if it just me or somebody who has made them thinks that the dough has way too much butter and the quantity of the filling is excessive for the size of the dough to cover.


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Do you have an example to which you are comparing Bertinet's formula?  I have a wonderful brioche recipe that has more butter, more eggs and less flour than Bertinet.  

I don't have a specific comment on the filling quantity, but use a Jewish chocolate babka from Manhattan's lower East Side as a general comparison point.   The babka has "a lot" of chocolate.  

The formula depends on what you are seeking to accomplish. 

Metaphysical questions:  What is a cinnamon roll?  What are the defining characteristics of a cinnamon roll, besides its relationship with cinnamon?