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The Roadside Hero Sandwich King?

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The Roadside Pi...

The Roadside Hero Sandwich King?

I know my baguettes are not as stunning as most here. However, they sure do make great hero sandwiches!
Please don not call this a sub, or a hoagie, or whatever other name. This is 100% Brooklyn sausage & Pepper, Hero!
Sausage and pepper hero. I know the last two bakes my baguettes look slightly crispy. I was trying to get a deep brown caramelized color. That is not going to work in my oven. I will have to settle for golden brown.


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a sausage & peppers hero?  Well, if one is a vegan, I suppose.  A staple of every pizza parlor throughout the area, like MBP, EPP & VCP.  Undeniably delicious.

As I've figured out, as you've figured out (probably a lot earlier, until you got the superb pizzas you make down cold), the baguette thang ins't a "one and done".  It's a two steps forward, one step back process.  Just as my recent foray into the "oh so simple" true French baguette was.  The foundation is there, just the matter of practice, and figuring out what works and what doesn't.

As the good doctor and I have said for years now, the first 10,000 are the hardest!

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I’ve never had the pleasure of eating a Hero sandwich, but I’d sure like to have one now that I see how delicious they look.