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Baking Times

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Baking Times

So I whipped up a quadruple batch of San Joaquin this weeks and am about to start cooking it. I am marking a few different types of loaves with it. 

2 baguettes at 500 g each

2 boule at 1000 g each

1 oval at 900 g



480 for 10 min with steam

480 convection for 12 mins without steam



1 in Dutch oven

450 for 25 with lid on

450 convection for 20 on rack

5 min in oven with door cracked


1 on baking steel

450 for 12 with steam

435 convection for 30

5 min with door cracked



460 for 12 min with steam

430 convection for 22 minutes


thoughts on temps and cooking times?


I’m kind of winging it!!