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Summerloaf 2005

Summerloaf 2005

Summerloaf, the annual artisan bread festival in Portland, Oregon, was on Saturday.

Click "Read More" for a ton of pictures and more information on this yeasty extravaganza.

I have guests in from out of town and have not had time to do much work on this site. So for now I'm going to post a ton of pictures with minimal commentary. If you have questions about anything, please ask in a comment and I'll reply as soon as I can.

The schedule (click image for a high res version):

The brick oven the demos were baked in:

Brian Spangler doing a pizza demo:

Some of the lovely bread decorations:

A pretty display of breads:

There was a baking contest. Were it not for everything else that was going on this week, I would have tried to enter. I'm not sure I would have won, but it would have been fun to compete.

Samples from Dave's Killer Bread:

Lots of other bakeries there. The ones that I can recall are Delphina's Bakery, New Season's Bakery, Pearl Bakery, Ken's Artisan Bakery, Blue Gardenia Bakery, Portland French Bakery, and Grand Central Bakery.

There is no way I am going to remember which bakery made what, so I'll just leave these uncaptioned. Some beautiful breads and pastries though.

As you can see, Artisan Baking is definitely alive and thriving in the Pacific Northwest!