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Pain Au Bacon FWSY Feedback

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Pain Au Bacon FWSY Feedback

I made Pain Au Bacon from Flour Water Salt Yeast this weekend. It was delicious with jam and cheese and it went quickly. My wife has already requested I make it next weekend for a social distancing Mother's Day brunch. 

I followed the recipe pretty close to exactly, the only deviations being I scored the bread and I re-shaped the second loaf immediately before putting it in the oven because I didn't quite get the rise I was looking for from the first loaf.

The first loaf had excellent texture and what appears to be a better crust. The second loaf still has pretty good texture and a much better shape, in my opinion, but there's a dark line the red arrows are pointing to where the texture was a little off, possibly because I damaged the structure with the re-shaping. 

I have the shaping issue with all my loaves so I don't think the bacon is the cause of the problem. How can I get a better oven spring without having to re-shape immediately before putting the loaf in the oven?