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The accidental miche

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The accidental miche

I'm baking away from home with different flours, but I decided to just try and make something using 60% whole grains (a hodgepodge mix of rye, white whole wheat, and einkorn). I used 1000g of flour total and about 85% hydration, adding turmeric and sautéed onions. I made one loaf on the slightly smaller side and then the other loaf ended up weighing 1.3kg!! I didn't have a lame, or a sharp knife, so I tried to let the loaves open on their own. The smaller one opened nicely, but the "miche" rose but didn't crack. I think I overproofed these. 

The loaves are hideous, but it's a nice soft crumb and my first time baking with 60% whole grains. Still better than supermarket bread!


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Such beautiful color and crumb

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Our Crumb

Turmeric and onion?  That's not bread.  That's a meal

Crust and crumb (color!) look great.  Nobody's judging shape here.

1.3 kg?  That's nothing.  Go big Ilene.  Very satisfying.


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I forgot to include that I added black sesame seeds - now it's really a meal! 

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They look great to me Ilene, I agree with the others, crust and crumb look good.  Isn’t it much more challenging to have a large loaf like a miche rise as much as smaller loaves?


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I've seen Danny write a few times on TFL that one of the reasons that Instagrammers have such open crumb is that their loaves are tiny! I just added a photo of the crumb from the smaller of the two loaves and it's impossible to say if the difference in crumb is from loaf size alone, but it's quite striking!