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Leader's Baguette a l'ancienne

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Leader's Baguette a l'ancienne

I'm considering trying this bread for the first time this weekend for a birthday party.  Has anyone tried it?  Any feedback would be appreciated.  I'm a little nervous about trying something new for a large party.


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I don't know how Leader's compares to Peter Reinhart's but PR's was fabulous.  Very tasty bread - and relativey easy, I thought.

I assume since it's a birthday party you're looking at family and friends.  Even when my bread turns out "bad" it's better than what we can buy - so everyone is happy.

Good luck!

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I mixed Leader's recipe about ten days ago, midweek, but because of poor planning on my part, I didn't follow all the written steps in the recipe (didn't want to be baking bread at 3:30 a.m. on a workday).

Instead, I used my own starter, increased the hydration, retarded the dough overnight before shaping it, and wound up with a very tasty ciabatta.

Go for it; your guests will love it.