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Day 2 and my starter is bubbling!

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Day 2 and my starter is bubbling!

It's bubbling away and it's only Day 2.  I used whole wheat flour and orange juice, and I'm keeping it beside my computer, not the warmest place in the world, but possibly the warmest place in our flat.

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I just started one too and after 36 hours or so it was bubbling away... I used rye flour and water.  Is this okay?  I've been feeding it 1:2:2 since and the activity seems to have slowed down?

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Is what Maggie Gleezer recommends, and it does work really well.


Good Luck!



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   really love this excitement,  my starter seems sluggish  I'm afraid to trust it! I know its slower then my trusted yeast, But  I have a half a cup in the jar in the cold oven,Its the best place I could think of for my new starter.  please tell me a good way to get it really going strong   its not really doubling     could I add a full cup of wheat & half a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice,  Would that be ok to try?  dont know if you guys relize,  there are  a multitudes out there  making new rules for baking, no pre heated ovens  ,no mixing kneading   every thing we old guys ever learned is going out the window [ sorry to get off track]  but I wish my father were here now!! He was a pretty good baker.   He would love this too !  hotbred!

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Mine is so bubbly you'd think I'd put in soda instead of spring water.  How much does it expand eventually I'm not sure, but mine has doubled at least, and that's on one of the worst winter days yet.  It's not even terribly warm in the flat.  I'm giving it time and lots of encouragement.