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80% Whole Wheat +

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80% Whole Wheat +

The quarantine bread bake diaries continue..

This loaf is an 80% whole wheat, 10% whole mystery flour, 10% AP using 20% levain and a same day bake. I had a small amount of whole flour but don't know if it was whole rye or whole spelt - probably spelt.  I fed the starter Tuesday night and Wednesday morning and mixed the dough around 2pm. I baked it around 10pm. It moved fast given the high whole wheat content. I also added 2% gluten flour and home made diastolic malt. 80% water. I kept the dough at 74 degrees during bulk and proof.

It gave off a great aroma while baking, the crumb is uniformly open and it's super soft. Total flour was only 450g but this loaf expended way more than I thought it would during proof and it almost didn't fit into my combo cooker.

I've been trying to push whole wheat to 100% gradually and will the next time I get my hands on some whole wheat flour. Sadly I'm out so I'll be baking without for a while. It's a great bread.


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I've been baking hearth loaves with 50% whole grain, but I have yet to push higher than that. I love your crumb. Now I need to try 80%!

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It's worth giving it a go.  It's taken me a long time to dial it in, but I'm getting there.  Thank you ..

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Super crumb and ovenspring, especially for 90% whole grain.  I've only done a max of 50% and wish I could get such a perfect crumb.  Great job.

I understand that you are in Toronto from Danni.  If you can get to Kensington Market a place called 4 Life Natural Foods.  I've been able to get whole grain flour there as recently as last week.  I picked up whole spelt, whole einkorn and whole red fife.  You might want to go there.  If I'm incorrect about you being in Toronto, then sorry.


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I am and will keep that place in mind. Benny - you make great looking breads. Give a higher whole grain percentage a try - let me know how it goes! Again, thank you..

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I agree with the others. Your crumb is gorgeous!

The fermentation must have been timed perfectly.

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That you could produce such a nice crumb with that much WW is impressive. Would like to hear more about your mixing and folding procedure. I have tried VWG but it made the bread kind of rubber like and I didn't enjoy the flavor. What brand did you use? Sorry to hear that flour is in short supply. The markets around here have been getting some stuff back in stock again. 

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Thanks Meatloaf.. :)

I'm feeling good about where my baking is now.  And to be sure I've made more than my share of duds over the years!

I started my bread baking thinking very old school, using only my hands and a bowl and trying to keep it traditional. Then late last summer I was given a recipe that used a mixer but only got around to making it that way this year. What I believe is happening is that I'm more consistently feeding my starter and it's very responsive. I'm also developing a very consistent windowpane with the mixer to a level I just wasn't getting with folding over. I'm also using coil folds and I suspect the small bit of gluten flour and diastolic malt is helping too - but I haven't done a back to back with and without comparison.

Here's what I do:

- mix water and levain together well - with the mixer for about 1-2 minutes on speed 2 of my kitchenaid

- add all flours including the gluten flour and malt - with mixer  for 3 minutes on speed 2

- let sit for between 30 and 60 minutes depending on how much whole wheat is in there

- then add salt with a bit of reserved water (sea salt) - mix for 2-3 minutes on speed 4

- let sit for 10/15 minutes and then mix on speed 4 for about 5-7 minutes until i get a good windowpane and dough ball is well formed and bowl sides are clean

- if the windowpane doesn't feel right I repeat after a ten minute rest - maybe only for 3-4 minutes

- place into brod/taylor proofer at 74 - 78 depending on how much whole wheat (more whole wheat lower temp)

- i use a square glass pyrex with a shower cap overtop

- i do coil folds every 45 to 60 minutes but read the dough to know how many are needed; I'm looking to see how well the structure is held post fold

- as the dough begins to puff up then I either shape 3-4 hours latter and put in the fridge to bake the next morning but more recently I bake the same day

- if baking the same day i leave it in the proofer and wait for the dough to almost double in the basket

- I would say that from the original dough to what I put in the oven I've had easily a 3x increase in size of the dough

I've also learned that I was baking too soon. I now push fermentation to the limit. I think the bread above might have even gone well over 3x.. crazy i know. I think the key is the windowpane and good structure. I'm not sure I know why it's working so well lately, but I can read the dough better now..

That's my story.. the truth is I'm blown away by this loaf and many of the recent breads.  I guess all the lessons I've learned on this site over the years (for which I'm grateful) are somehow working their way into the dough... hope it helps! Enjoy.. frank!


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Quite the mix tape! I too have seen improvements in my breads since employing a mixer. Perhaps the well developed gluten allows for the longer fermentation. I am going to give this recipe a go. Thanks for the details. 


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.. should have also said use cold water - 60F.. good luck!