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Kaiser Roll Help

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Kaiser Roll Help


In my carb-antine I am trying to create some kaiser rolls (would kill for a pork roll egg and cheese right now).  So far I have tried two recipes.  Firstly I tried this King Arthur recipe.  I'm using Pillsbury Bread Flour, and Active Dry Yeast.  I shaped them using the roll out, loop, and twisty method they mention in the recipe.  Here's a pic of the first attempt.  They were tasty but they weren't quite the right shape or color and weren't as puffy and pillowy as I would expect for a good kaiser roll.  

In my 2nd attempt, after checking out the forums here I tried Norm's recipe shown here and used the steam method as described.  I tried doing the thumb/karate chop method and that didn't work so well.  That's really tough to get right!  I made one using the loop & knot and again, didn't quite turn out right.  It was like the rolls deflated quite a bit after I flipped them over after karate chopping.  Again they came out kinda deflated without the characteristic dome shape I'm used to seeing.  Here's what they looked like.

Today I'm going to give the main recipe linked where Norm posted his a shot - but was hoping for some tips before I dive in.  I guess it's all about knowing when the hydration of the dough is "Just right" so as it is just tacky and not too wet.

Some other info that might be helpful...

I don't have malt powder, use a stand mixer, and live in FL (where it's humid AF).  Appreciate the help!