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video: Dough shaping, rustic boule

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video: Dough shaping, rustic boule

Here's a kinda lovely Facebook video on shaping a wet dough.

A bit of background: there was this tiny place in Brooklyn named "Scratchbread." I came across their breads at the Brooklyn Flea Market about a decade ago and fell in love--I'd been baking somewhat at the time, but these loaves were superlative. He opened up this literal hole in the wall place a while back and expanded the menu to breakfast/lunch items that were, in a word, sublime (here's a bit about them). I went there with some regularity, despite the drive being a 2-hour round trip. 

But they closed five years ago and to this day I mourn them. But the owner still has an online presence and with any luck will reopen something.

In the meantime, I like how he shaped this gloppy mess of a dough: