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My first EVER loaf of Sour Dough Bread

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My first EVER loaf of Sour Dough Bread

I just wanted to give a public shoutout to Bonni who shared some starter.

I used a basic sourdough process, adapted from countless youtube and fresh loaf articles.

  • Feed the 30g starter with 50g Trader Joe's AP flour and 50g Bottled water, let double in size
  • mix the following and allow to sit for 1 hour
    • 75g of the above
    • 250g TJ's AP flour
    • 50g Bobs Dark Rye Flour
    • 240g Water
  • add 8g Salt and mix well with a splash of water
  • 4 Stretch and Folds every 20 or so minutes (i did not do well timing these)
  • fridge overnight
  • Take out of the Fridge and preshape into a small lined basket dusted with rice flour/ap flour mix
  • Crank the over with a lodge combo cooker to 500
  • once it passes the poke test, flip onto a small sheet of parchment for easy transfer and score.
  • Bake for 20 minutes covered
    • Remove from cast iron cooker and put on a cold baking sheet and lower temp to 450
    • Bake until its dark enough for you, temp check if desired
      • I notice in my oven my bottom gets very dark so putting it on a cold sheet pan allows me to get a much darker upper crust without burning the bottom

Thoughts about the bake:

I was very happy with the oven spring and crumb texture. I might spritz the loaf next time to remove the excess flour from the crust. Very good tang from the starter.

Used old and excess starter to make Scallion pancakes and  Zatar Frybread. Both came out great



First SD Loaf

First SD Loaf - Bottom

First SD Loaf - crumb

 * some odd shadows on the bread here, the color appears consistent throughout the crumb in real life.




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What a great first result.  You will now be hooked on sourdough baking.

For the bottom burning, try moving the oven rack up one notch the next time.  It might make a difference (not sure whether it will with the Dutch oven, but it does with a baking stone).

For the excess flour, you can use a pastry brush and lightly brush the loose flour off before you put the dough into the oven.  I routinely brush the flour off as soon as the bread comes out of the oven.

Overall, however, you should feel proud.

Happy baking -- and stay safe and healthy.


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I'm so happy that the dried starter worked for you Dave. I'm new to sourdough too and so far have been delighted with making wonderful sourdough pizza, crackers and waffles. I've only baked one loaf of bread but am encouraged to keep going. It tasted delicious and was devoured by my adult kids while we've all been self quarantining. It brought a smile to everyone's first sourdough loaf

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My goodness!  It's Marvin the Martian from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons!  

Really?  That's your first ever loaf?   I have a hard time believing that. 

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Bonni your scoring is really great! Looks like a great loaf

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I will definitely try moving the rack, i am currently on second to last but can move it up one and the dutch oven still fits no problem.

Great tips! Thanks Ted

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Dave, EXCELLENT loaf, inside and out!   Was your wife duly impressed?


P.S.  If I didn't believe in miracles and beginner's luck, I'd call Bonni a liar.  Her loaf is just too good.

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It received lots of compliments. My mother in law wanted me to  break quarantine and delivery a loaf lol


Just as a point of clarity, this is not my first loaf of bread. Just my first sourdough loaf. I am assuming by those amazing score marks the same is true for Bonni.

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it isn't my first loaf of bread, I've been doing that for years, it's my first SOURDOUGH loaf. I followed the recipe  from Mauricios Beginner's Sourdough Bread. I've never scored a loaf like that before but I had just looked at a picture of how it was done and thought I'd give it a try. Looks much more impressive baked than the quick razor blade mini slashes that made it.

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out of the park. looks wonderful. I'm very jealous of you sourdough people. :-)

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from reading lots of very informative posts here with photos and some videos. You need to convince yourself that you're confident (or fake it well), use something VERY sharp (I used a new razor blade rather than my 10 year old lame), visualize what/where you're going to score and move very quickly and decisively. In the case of this dough, it was COLD coming directly from the refrigerator which made it a lot easier to slash. For many years I've only scored soft loaves before and it's a hell of a lot more difficult & slower going. A cold dough is easier to cleanly slash without dragging. I hope that helps. And I know I got incredibly lucky!!! Probably won't happen next time but it tastes delicious regardless.

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Juan Pablo

If this is your first loaf then you are blessed by the sourdough deities. :)

congrats, this is an outstanding result at any level of experience.

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That is a truly incredible first bake of sourdough, really really successful all around.  Congratulations.