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I was in the mood to bake on Saturday, all I had in the house was a bag of store brand Whole Wheat flour so looked around the fresh loaf for something to bake that will require the least about of ingredients but still give me a nice sandwich loaf for the next few days. I’ve always been a fan of txfarmers super fluffy breads so after checking her blog index I found this 100% whole wheat bread

The below was inspired by her blog post but is actually a very different bread

Mix by hand 100g of flour with 85 grams of Guinness beer and a half teaspoon of SAF Instant Yeast. Once well combine, drizzle a tiny bit of oil on the ball of dough and roll it around the bowl.

I let it rest covered for 4 hours at room temp. You could leave it in the fridge over night to develop more favor but I wanted to bake the same day.

Add the malted barley syrup and butter to the milk and nuked it for 30 seconds. I stirred those ingredients until the syrup was mixed in and nothing settled to the bottom of the cup. I then added everything to the mixing bowl and use the paddle until combined. I then let the dough rest for 10 minutes before switching to the dough hook for 10 minutes on 2.

I then did 3 S&F‘s every half hour. I added a splash of water to my hands for the first S&F but it’s very easy dough to work with and no extra flour was needed. By the third fold the dough had good structure and was ready to go.

I divided the 900 gram dough into 3 parts and reshaped them into loafs and bench rested them for a few minutes. I then smashed them down and rolled them tight and put them into a loaf pan to proof for 90 minutes. I didn’t grease the loaf pan but I should have in hindsight. I’d recommend either greasing the pan or laying some parchment down on the bottom. I had a little trouble getting the finished bread out of the loaf pan

I preheated the oven to 375 and baked the load for about 40 minutes. I put a digital probe into the center of the loaf at 35 minutes and waited for it to hit 195. Overall I’m happy with the way the bread came out, it had a soft flavorful crumb with a good textured crust.

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I was in the mood for nutella so i started googling what i could do with the stuff and i ran accross this

Steamy Kitchen Article

But i am tring to not use the NK bread as much anymore so i used the BBA recepit for Challah. the only thing i didnt do was let the  4 strand loaf proof for 90 minutes. its getting late and i didnt want to wait. i got some decent oven spring(gas oven, no steam). For a rookie who doesnt really follow the "rules" im really happy with the result.

Up intill the shaping of the braids i followed BBA formula. I scaled and preformed the braids so they would roll easyer then I used a serated knife to open each braid and load it with nuttela.


Pinching them shut can get messy but i realised that if you let the weight of the braid strech the dough as you pinch it is much cleaner

 Considering i only let the loaf rest 10 minutes before putting it in the oven and i didnt bother with steam im happy. I would have liked my if the loaf had a better shine to it. A better glaze then the one I used (egg whites and a little half an half) might be the right move next time

Crumb pictures from this morning

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