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How do you clean a banneton after using it?

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How do you clean a banneton after using it?

I made bread in a banneton a while ago and it started smelling of old flour so I had to completely disinfect it. What's the correct way to clean it after use so that I dont have to keep disinfecting it? Thanks!

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I always make sure my bannetons are brushed out with a stiff brush after each use and air-dried before I store them. If you have some stale smells or mould, I suggest you put them in the hot sun for a day. My bannetons are 20 years old and working great. The sun is a great sanitiser. 


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I do the same, I brush them with a stiff brush to get all the slightly damp rice flour out of the seams.  Then I leave them in the window in the sun to dry out.


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I put mine in the hot oven after I am done my bake and let the oven cool down. When they are nice and dry, I’ll tip out the loose crumbs and store them with a few bay leaves. Getting rid of all the flour build up gets rid of the nonstick build up. I do scrub them down completely after a year or so but then it’s a pain to build up the non stick layer again.