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Spelt Oat Porridge Bread à la Cedar Mountain

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Spelt Oat Porridge Bread à la Cedar Mountain

I took my Take 2 of Cedar Mountain’s Khorasan Oat Sourdough and subbed out the khorasan for Spelt. 

Here is the recipe I followed with these exceptions:

1. Used Spelt instead of Khorasan. 

2. Did not use the additional water in the dough as the Spelt flour didn’t seem to absorb as much water. 
3. Inversely, the Spelt porridge needed much more water to cook and soften. I didn’t measure how much more water I added as I just splashed more in as the porridge ran dry, but still wasn’t done. Both the oat and spelt porridge’s were quite stiff when I used them. 
4. The Spelt proofed quite quickly in the fridge and I ended up baking at 3 am. So the loaves were cold proofed for only 8 hours. 
5. And last but not least, I only made one batch of dough since I was baking just for us. It felt very odd to make just 3 loaves. 


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These beauties will continue to inspire. Hope you're safe.

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Those look great. I've got a bunch of Spelt in the pantry, I will give these a shot.

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Sorry about the piece missing out of the slice, I was having dinner...

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Gorgeous spelt loafs with a beautiful perfect crumb, sounds delicious Danni.