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Reinhart choices

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Reinhart choices

if you had to choose one or the other ..........   BBA or C&C?


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Definitely BBA.  I own C&C and it is great and all, but it doesn't have the depth of information nor the number of really interesting recipes.  Don't know if others would agree with my reasoning, but what BBA certainly has is some great pictures.  C&C is completely lacking. 

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buns of steel

fer sure BBA, and I would also totally forget about C&C.


I agree that C&C is completely lacking, and I'll tell you why.  Reinhart is great in BBA for a beginner for learning and for pictures, etc.  BBA is very "chatty" and a nice book.  However,  Reinhart's formulas in general are not as good as others.  There are very few exceptions, but as someone who's baked from many bread books, Reinhart's formulas are in many cases just not as "tops" as others.  So with C&C being a book of just straight formulas, I say forget it, as formula is where I find Reinhart weak.